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Why Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

There are many reasons and advantages in fighting your Traffic Ticket! For starters you need to protect your insurance rate, driving privileges, and keep demerit points off your licence.

Why are Demerit Points bad?

  1. Demerit Points can accumulate and suspend your drivers licence and cause your insurance rate to increase. However, demerit points alone are not a factor for insurance rate increases, the conviction is! Most major highway traffic act tickets such as careless driving can come with 6 or more demerit points. A careless driving conviction can dramatically increase your insurance rate.

  2. Demerit Points can make it harder to get certain driving jobs, as some employers will ask to see your drivers abstract, and some companies have policies in place which might cause you to lose your job if you exceed a certain amount of Demerit Points.

  3. At 15 or more Demerit Points, your license will be suspended for 30 days.

Another reason to fight your Traffic Ticket is to fight for your civilian rights and protect your driver’s license. There is no reason not to fight your Ontario Traffic Ticket!

Traffic Ticket Resources

Here are some Resources that can Help in your Traffic Ticket Defense.

The Highway Traffic Act: Link

Ontario Court Addresses and Contact Listings by City:

Ontario Demerit Points System

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